Libs are truly deranged people.

Via Newsbusters:

Of all the people to blame for the Trayvon Martin shooting, Dirty Harry? On Sunday, Washington Post film critic Ann Hornaday had an article splashed across the front of the Outlook section. Next to a Dirty Harry photo were the words “America loves a vigilante. Until we meet one.” George Zimmerman has “undercut the mythology of the lone avenger.”

Hornaday began her dismissal of America like this: “Of the countless stories we tell ourselves, the American myth of the solitary enforcer of justice may be the most tenacious, beloved and — as the story of George Zimmerman and Trayvon Martin has so grievously demonstrated — distorting.”

Bizarrely, Hornaday conflated action heroes from Dirty Harry to Spiderman to Batman (and comedic characters like Ben Stiller in the forthcoming comedy “Neighborhood Watch”) to the KKK.

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