Oh yeah, the sight of (gasp) hair turns men into sex-crazed animals!

(Jakarta Globe) — In Indonesia’s only province ruled by strict Islamic law, the sight of the “morals police” prompts women to quickly adjust their headscarves and male and female companions to move apart.

In Aceh on the northern tip of Sumatra island, it is the job of the 1,000-strong Wilayatul Hisbah, or Islamic police, to enforce Shariah laws that mandate public modesty for women, and forbid unmarried couples from socializing.

In the capital Banda Aceh last week, a woman peeled away from her husband, reached for a scarf and quickly wrapped it around her head as a patrol approached; a petrified couple hopped on a motorcycle and fled.

But another pair hiding behind a large rock on the beach were not so lucky.

“Are you married?” roared a burly officer, wearing a khaki uniform and sporting a thick moustache, as he approached the cringing couple who shook their heads.

“This is unacceptable in Aceh, we have Shariah laws here. Go along now, go home,” he said, after examining their identity cards. […]

Extreme views are rife in the province where there are no cinemas, music concerts are few, and billboards depict females in headscarves.

“Women who don’t wear headscarves are inviting men to touch their breasts,” said 47-year-old teacher Tarmizi Mohammad.

“I think we should enforce Shariah laws further and stone adulterers and chop off the hands of thieves,” he added.