With guest lecturer, Barack Obama.

Via 54 40 Or Fight:

New for the 2012 spring term at Portland State University is a course called “Revolutionary Marxism: Theory and Practice”, where students will learn the fundamentals of Marxism and enacting revolution. The primary textbook will be “The Meaning of Marxism”, by Paul D’Amato. Mr. D’Amato was a distinguished guest at the 2010 Oregon Socialist Conference, which also took place at PSU.

Other material will include sections of “The Communist Manifesto”, sections of Vladimir Lenin book “The State and Revolution”, and a documentary based on the work of Howard Zinn. 30% of the grade will be based on a “Community Project”. Could that possibly have anything to do with the Occupy sign making festivities that took place at PSU in February?

Full syllabus of the class can be seen here.

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