Holder’s people.

Via Big Government:

On April 7th, the New Black Panther Party in Florida declares they will conduct “county-wide and state-wide defense training and community patrols to protect against racial violence and attacks.” And the NBPP also declares a call to action

slated for Monday April 9th, the day before a Florida Grand Jury will convene on the Trayvon Martin case to decide whether to indict George Zimmerman.

This information comes from The Muslim Street Radio Show hosted by Malik Aziz and Laila Abdelaziz, taped an interview on April 1st, with Malik Zulu Shabazz, the National Chairman of the New Black Panther Party. The “Day of Action” has also been advertised at a NBPP website in a poster which states, “No School, No Work, No Shopping. . . Demand the Arrest of George Zimmerman.” Zimmerman’s face in the poster is overlaid by crosshairs.

During the discussion of the Grand Jury hearing on April 10th, Shabazz speculates, “It should be very easy to achieve this indictment,” giving insight into the timing of the “Day of Action.”

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