This is what “deep patriotism” looks like to the left:

Via Beltway Confidential:

Former White House “Green Jobs Czar” Van Jones, explains that the Tea Party movement was “cheap patriotism” that promoted their “red, white and blue” agenda in 2010 which blocked President Obama’s “wave of hope.”

“The impact of the Tea Party’s reckless policies would be to financially decimate our government, further dismantle America’s middle class, and strengthen the chokehold that the top 1 percent has on the economy. Nonetheless, the Tea Partiers effectively seized the public narrative in 2009 and congressional power in 2010, quelling the wave of hope generated by the 2008 election,” Jones writes in his new book, “Rebuild the Dream.”

It’s no surprise that Jones believes that the “deep patriotism” movement is the one sparked by Occupy Wall Street.

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