( – Secretary of State Hillary Clinton sidestepped an opportunity Sunday to question the Muslim Brotherhood’s decision to abandon its pledge not to run for the Egyptian presidency in upcoming elections. This is the latest move by the veteran Islamist organization to consolidate its hold on the country.

Responding to a question while visiting Istanbul, Clinton did not mention the Brotherhood by name, saying only that the U.S. would “watch what all of the political actors do and hold them accountable for their actions.”

“We want to see Egypt move forward in a democratic transition – and what that means is that you do not and cannot discriminate against religious minorities, women, political opponents,” she said.

Clinton was asked whether the Brotherhood’s announcement was cause for concern, given its earlier pledges, but did not answer directly.

She expressed the hope – again – that the outcome of the political transition in Egypt would meet the aspirations of those who took to the streets of Cairo early last year to call for the departure of autocratic president Hosni Mubarak.

“We really hope the Egyptian people get what they demonstrated for in Tahrir Square, which is the kind of open, inclusive, pluralistic democracy that really respects the rights and dignity of every single Egyptian,” she said.