Rep. Corrine Brown is an embarrassment to Congress (which isn’t an easy thing to do).

CNN’s Brooke Baldwin: Would you, would your fellow African-American lawmakers be concerned about this case if Trayvon wasn’t black?

Corrine Brown (D-Fla.) : Oh, let me tell you something. We had an incident in my area where a young, white female was, um, murdered, and I was just as concerned. Absolutely, I care about all of the children. You know. . .

Baldwin: What was her name?

Brown: The young lady that got killed?

Baldwin: Yes, ma’am.

Brown: In, um, in Orange County (looks off camera)

Baldwin: What was her name?

Brown: Yeah, yeah, the young lady that got killed.

Baldwin: Do you remember?

Brown: I don’t remember her name.

Video via The Blaze