Via Shark Tank:

The continued assault on Congressman Allen West by the progressive/Democrat establishment has taken a new twist as a mysterious group is now soliciting prospective protesters online and paying them for their “protesting” services. The probable Soros-backed group Stand Up Florida is now specifically campaigning against Congressman West in the 18th congressional district that he is running for re-election in. Here’s the link to Stand Up Florida’s website which makes no attempt to hide their contempt for West. Stand Up Florida’s advertisement is now on Craig’s List (screen capture below) that calls on folks in N.Palm Beach, Martin, and St.Lucie counties-the counties that lie within West’s new district- to get out and protest their little hearts out in order to defeat Congressman West.

But why can’t the Democrat Party muster up their own protesters to get out there and protest West? Where are all the die-hard Democrats, Emily’s Listers, the, or the #OWS troopers who have vowed to hit the pavement for them?

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