Looks like the Obama administration has a new surrogate.

(Politico) — Russian President Dmitry Medvedev told Mitt Romney and the other GOP presidential candidates Tuesday that they need to flip their calendars out of the Cold War and stop making Russia out to be America’s “No. 1 enemy.”

“I always get very cautious when I see a country resort to phrasings such as ‘No. 1 enemy.’ It is very reminiscent of Hollywood in a certain period of history,” Medvedev said, through a translator, at the nuclear security summit in Seoul, South Korea.

He also said presidential candidates need “to listen to reason when they formulate their positions,” adding, “Reason never harmed a presidential candidate.”

Medvedev was responding to questions from the press about Romney’s declaration Monday that Russia was “without question, our No. 1 geopolitical foe,” after President Barack Obama’s “open mic” incident with the Russian president.

“My other advice is to check their clocks from time to time,” Medvedev said Tuesday. “It is 2012, not the mid-1970s. No matter what party a candidate represents, he has to take the current state of affairs into account.”