Pure evil.

Via NY Post:

The Muslim fanatic who killed seven people in France was so proud of his unspeakably evil work that he uploaded sickening video to the Internet showing him executing a helpless, terrified 8-year-old girl, officials said.

Mohammed Merah is seen yanking Myriam Monsenego by her hair — then firing a bullet into her head while he holds her.

Officials believe Merah strapped on a camera before each murder and posted the videos on jihadi Web sites, where he believed they would inspire other al Qaeda wannabes.

Myriam was slain outside a Jewish school in Toulouse, where Merah also killed a rabbi and the rabbi’s two young sons.

Merah’s earlier victims were French paratroopers.

Before shooting one soldier, Merah proclaimed, “You kill my brothers; I kill you!” — a reference to France’s military presence in Afghanistan.

Four days later, when he shot two more soldiers, Merah shouted, “Allahu akbar.”

He was killed yesterday after a 32-hour standoff at an apartment building where he was holed up.