So refreshing to hear a member of Congress not bow down to political correctness.

(The Hill) — Freshman Rep. Allen West (R-Fla.) on Thursday afternoon offered detailed and aggressive prescription for how the United States can ensure its security in the new century, and warned that the nation faces “dark days ahead” if it does not prepare for several emerging security threats.

“For the sake of our nation, and of all nations who seek freedom for their citizens, we must be prepared to fight on the 21st Century Battlefield, and we can settle for no less than victory upon it,” he said on the House floor.

West said defining the enemy is a key component of this strategy, and that the United States is not at war with terror, because terrorism is just a tactic used by an enemy. Instead, he said a chief U.S. enemy is Hezbollah, even though the United States rarely names it.

“Until we, as a nation, are able to correctly and openly identify our enemy, we will continue to put our men and women on the ground in harm’s way without a clear mission for success,” he said. “On this 21st Century Battlefield we are not fighting against a single organization, a single leader, or a single nation. We are fighting against Islamic fundamentalism, which knows no country, recognizes no borders, and wears no uniform.”

West added that Islamism is a “theocratic-political totalitarian ideology no different from Nazism, Fascism, and Communism which threatens the free world.”

West said the United States needs to deny this enemy any sanctuary and resources, reduce its sphere of influence and “win the information war” by limiting its ability to use the Internet as another medium for its own purposes.