Sorry, Bill, can’t help you.

Via National Journal:

Comedian Bill Maher, who has recently been criticized by Republicans over controversial remarks about prominent conservatives, fired back at Washington’s chattering class in a New York Times op-ed on Thursday that calls for a “National Day of No Outrage.”

“Let’s have an amnesty — from the left and the right — on every made-up, fake, totally insincere, playacted hurt, insult, slight and affront,” Maher wrote. “Let’s make this Sunday the National Day of No Outrage. One day a year when you will not find some tiny thing someone did or said and pretend you can barely continue functioning until they apologize.”

“When did we get it in our heads that we have the right to never hear anything we don’t like?” he wrote, adding that “If you see or hear something you don’t like in the media, just go on with your life. Turn the page or flip the dial or pick up your roll of quarters and leave the booth.”

The comedian and host of HBO’s Real Time with Bill Maher has become a flashpoint for conservatives in recent weeks, ever since conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh came under fire for calling a Georgetown law student a “slut” and a “prostitute” in the contraception debate. Outrage over that incident prompted conservatives to cast their eyes on Maher, who has used obscenities to describe former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin.

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