Just as lame as it was one week ago when he first used it to try and belittle us.

BOULDER CITY, Nev. — President Obama traveled here to the Nevada desert Wednesday to highlight the future of solar energy — and ridicule Republicans for trimming back federal funding to develop it.

“If some politicians get their way, there won’t be any more public investments in solar energy,” Obama said at the Copper Mountain Solar 1 plant, about a half-hour’s drive southeast from Las Vegas.

“These folks dismiss the promise of solar power and wind power and fuel-efficient cars. They make jokes about it. One member of Congress who shall remain unnamed called these jobs ‘phony,’” Obama continued. “If these people were around when Columbus set sail, they would’ve been founding members of the Flat Earth Society.”

Although this was an official White House event, Obama employed the sharply partisan tone he has reserved primarily for campaign rallies and fundraisers in recent weeks.