Feel good story of the day.

Via Florida Independent:

Muslim activists involved in both state and national politics say that the Democratic Party is taking their growing voting bloc for granted.

Despite the inflammatory anti-Islam sentiment among some members of the Republican party, Muslim activists warn that the Democratic Party has not exactly been overly welcoming of Muslim-Americans. […]

Muslim activists have taken issue with a recent incident involving the chair of the Democratic National Committee, Debbie Wasserman Schultz. A few weeks ago, Wasserman Schultz declined an invitation to an event hosted by a Muslim organization after a blogger wrote that she had scheduled an appearance ”at a fundraiser hosted by an American Muslim leader who was placed on the Federal Terrorist Watch List.”

Muhammed Malik, a Muslim rights activist in South Florida, said her retreat was a cave-in “to islamophobes who use fear-mongering tactics to marginalize Muslim participation.”

Malik said Wasserman Schultz’s actions were a signal that “both the Republican party and the Democratic party continue to cave in to ignorant hysteria.”