No way Team Obama would insult their Euro-trash idols.

Via Washington Free Beacon:

QUESTION: Speaking of Gaza, do you have — there’s been some outrage in Israel over some comments that were made by your good friend [and EU foreign minister] Baroness Ashton (ph) in which she appeared to equate the situation in Gaza with the killing of children and teachers outside of this Jewish school in Toulouse.

Do you have any comment on that? Do you see her comments as making an — as drawing — I don’t know what the right word is — is being as — making — trying to show an equivalency between the situation in Toulouse — between what happened in Toulouse and the situation in Gaza?

State Department Spokesperson Victoria Nuland: Well, I think you know that we made our own statements from the White House and from here on how we see the situation in Toulouse and our condolences obviously and our concerns. I’m obviously not going to get between two sets of allies on this issue

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