More of that “new civility” Wasserman Schultz lectured the right on.

Via Right Scoop:

“America is a liberal idea. How can you have in our country that is based upon liberality and liberation, be so anti-liberal. That’s toxic waste to our consciousness. It’s hard to be an American conservative because that’s a contradiction in terms.

Now if you take away freedom of speech, freedom of press, freedom of protest, and lock people out based upon their race, their language and their religion, that’s conservative and fascist. America is a liberal idea. It’s the idea of human rights for all human beings measured by one yard stick – was threatening to tyranny.

That’s why the most revolutionary rule in the Bible is the Golden Rule. It is the most threatening rule to tyranny you can imagine. For those who are driven by inheritance or privilege as opposed to work and sacrifice, it’s a very threatening rule.