And yet in reality, the only leaders who get more fawning press coverage live in places like North Korea and Cuba.

Via Newsbusters:

On Wednesday’s Al Sharpton radio show, they objected to the idea that President Obama would be “undermined” around the world by conservative media “because of his race.” The guest was David A. Wilson, executive editor of the NBC-owned black “news” website […]

WILSON: How can we expect and how can we be the country that is as the Republicans like to say, you know, the great shining city on the hill? And we have people who are saying all sorts of things about our President, a President that by most accounts, most accounts across the world, people are pretty proud of that he is the first African-American president. Yet, you know, the media on the right goes after him because of his race.

What does that say about America to the international community? About — we’re supposed to be the ones who lead on matters of tolerance and matters of, you know, race relations, supposedly, and yet we have a huge portion of our media that goes after the president for his race.

SHARPTON: And does it — goes after him due to his race — but goes after it unchecked.

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