People with full frontal lobotomies can still cry?

Via Washington Examiner:

Supporters gathered to watch the release of the new Obama documentary “The Road We’ve Traveled” last night. The film doesn’t appear to be geared at winning over skeptics, rather an attempt to spark fervor among existing supporters.

Here are 10 supporters who cried while watching the film.

@Iamtoniharper @BarackObama The Road We’ve Traveled is GREAT. Parts brought tears as I remember where we were and headed. Thank You President Obama!

@Robert_Friend: #RoadTraveled Fabulous. Made me cry. Seriously.”

@npbat: @Robert_Fried @BarackObama Me too! I don’t think there was a dry eye in the house! So very glad I got to see it. #Obama2012

@Rayydiance: Brought tears to my eyes. RT @BarackObama: What did you think of #RoadTraveled?

@tleewest: #RoadTraveled made me cry! I am SO proud of @BarackObama. Next payday I will be making another donation. We are NOT handing over the keys!

‏@oonasez: #RoadTraveled, watched it, swore I wouldn’t cry, but did anyway. 4 more for 44!

@Karoli: OMG, just finished watching #roadtraveled. #hcr memories made me cry. Such an accomplishment, despite the haters.”

@AmyTidd: #roadtraveled brought tears to my eyes. Thank you President Obama for making the hard choices that have saved American jobs and families.

@brownsugar7878: Just saw The Road We’ve Traveled. No words just tears at all Pres Obama has single-handily done for America I’m energized #RoadTraveled

@teenagepundit Dammit. The Obama team made me cry. Again. #RoadTraveled