Another shameful attempt at delegitimizing the state of Israel.

Via Weekly Standard:

While Iran’s terrorist proxies in the Gaza Strip fired rockets on Israeli cities, the head of Germany’s Social Democratic Party called Israel an “Apartheid regime.”

“I was just in Hebron,” SPD leader Sigmar Gabriel, now visiting Israel and the Palestinian territories, wrote on his Facebook page. “There’s a legal vacuum there for Palestinians. This is an apartheid regime, for which there is no justification.” […]

Gabriel, who may well win the chancellorship in 2013, is popular among liberal Germans. His statements represent an extreme anti-Israel and anti-American ideology that has become increasingly prevalent in his party. In 2010, former SPD chancellor Helmut Schmidt signed a petition urging the European Union to sanction Israel for its policies regarding settlements.

The conservative parliamentary deputy and Christian Democratic Union foreign policy spokesman Philipp Missfelder issued a terse response to Gabriel: “The fact that a German politician is using the term ‘Apartheid’ in connection with Israeli society is shameful.”

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