CIA bringing the pain.

Via LWJ:

US drones struck yet again in the Yemeni province of Al Baydah, according to a report from the country. The strike is the fourth in Yemen in the past week.

Yemeni security officials have told the Yemen Post that an unmanned Predator or more heavily armed Reaper struck a vehicle as it traveled in Al Baydah province yesterday, killing four al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula fighters. The strike took place just two hours after an AQAP suicide bomber killed four soldiers from the Republican Guards in an attack in the city of Al Baydah.

No senior AQAP leaders or operatives were reported killed in the strike. US military and intelligence officials contacted by The Long War Journal would neither confirm nor deny that yesterday’s strike took place.

Yesterday’s strike followed three other strikes in central and southern Yemen that have taken place since March 9.

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