Can someone have a backbone like a ramrod and a steel spine?

(MSNBC) — In a speech that the Obama campaign says will be the first of a series of addresses by the vice president framing the general election, Joe Biden today delivers remarks at a United Auto Workers town hall in Toledo, OH at 11:00 am ET. This is the first major campaign speech by either member of the ticket that didn’t have a fundraising invite connected to it.

According to excerpts released by the campaign, Biden will focus on — you guessed it — the auto bailout that Obama supported (and Romney didn’t). “The president didn’t flinch. This man has a spine of steel,” he’s expected to say. “He knew rescuing the industry wasn’t popular. He knew he was taking a chance. But he believed. He said, we are not going to give up on a million jobs, and the iconic industry America invented. Not without a fight. We all want a president with the courage of his convictions. Well, folks, we have one. He made the tough call. And the verdict is in: President Obama was right and his critics were dead wrong.”

Do take note of the somewhat low-key rollout of this speech; it appears this may be more about message testing (and practicing) for the vice president, whose role on this campaign is likely to be similar to the role of previous veeps: serve as both a validator and the chief “contraster,”