They are both parasites.

(Denver Post) — A parasite could do what Denver police have not: Drive off homeless people and Occupy Denver protesters who sleep along the Broadway sidewalk between Colfax Avenue to 14th Avenue.

The city announced Monday afternoon it will now make regular “clean sweeps” to clear the right of way of sleeping bags, blankets and other personal possessions, after one of the people who sleep along the edge of Civic Center park was found to have scabies, a skin-burrowing mite, on Friday.

The man, who has not been named, had an outstanding warrant and allegedly told police he had scabies as he was being arrested. Police called the Denver Department of Environmental Health, which confiscated the man’s belongings and cleared the area of other items.

Such sweeps of belongings left on the sidewalk will now become routine.

While skin-to-skin contact is normally necessary to spread scabies, the mites can survive up to two days in bedding and clothing “making ongoing cleaning of this area essential,” the city stated.

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