Welcome to fantasyland, Barack Obama will be your tour guide.

(CNS News) — President Barack Obama used a visit to a North Carolina truck manufacturer on Wednesday to announce a $1 billion program to promote electric and other alternative vehicles through tax incentives for consumers and federal grants to states to finance infrastructure to support them.

The “National Community Deployment Challenge” includes incentives for individuals and businesses to buy “advanced cars and trucks” through a $10,000 tax credit — up from the $7,500 allowed under current tax law.

The plan also includes a “Race to the Top” contest that would reward grants to states with “model communities” that invest in the infrastructure to support those vehicles, such as charging stations or natural gas corridors “where alternative fuel trucks can transport goods without using a drop of oil,” the White House Press Fact Sheet on the program states.

The North Carolina company, Daimler Trucks North America, is a partner in the Energy Department’s SuperTruck initiative, which wants to increase fuel efficiency of long haul trucks, or 18-wheelers, by 50 percent by 2015, according to the White House.

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