Oh the humanity!

Adel Al-Gazzar: “Like the poet said, he has the body of a mule and the dreams of a bird. Some brothers even wrote a poem that goes: ‘This American, the real idiot. He resembles a donkey, in body and in stupidity.’

“This is just one part. This poem had many stanzas. He is a real idiot, and he resembles a donkey in his body and stupidity. Indeed, they have awesome bodies. They practice sports, and have muscles out to here, like Rambo. The U.S. soldier thinks he’s a Rambo. The cinema has made him believe that. But the truth is that he is no Rambo.”

“They would serve us breakfast that does not suit our nature. They would give you cornflakes and yogurt. People, we want falafel and broad beans… That stuff doesn’t cut it for us. It would never fill us.”