Two words for these clerics. Get bent.

PUL-E-ALAM, Afghanistan – U.S. military investigators have concluded that five soldiers were involved in the incineration of a pile of Korans in Afghanistan last week, according to officials who have been briefed on the inquiry.

The burning of the Muslim holy books — which U.S. officials say was accidental — incited a week of protests that left 30 Afghans dead. The burnings also were cited as motivation for at least some of six fatal attacks on U.S. soldiers that have occurred in Afghanistan in the last week. […]

U.S. military officials said that while the five soldiers will be reprimanded, it’s unlikely that their names will be released or that their punishment will approach the seriousness of what some Afghans are demanding.

“For the soldiers, it will be serious–they could lose rank. But you’re not going to see the kind of public trial that some here seem to want,” said another U.S. military official.

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