Those darn shape-shifting Joooos, is there anything they can’t do?

(New York, NY, February 28, 2012) — Minister Louis Farrakhan, the anti-Semitic and racist leader of the Nation of Islam, delivered yet another anti-Semitic diatribe to followers in Chicago this past weekend, turning his annual Saviours’ Day address into what the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) characterized as “a textbook example” of the continuing potency in some circles of anti-Semitism in America.

Minister Farrakhan’s address to the Saviours’ Day convention in Chicago included accusations of Jewish control over government, media, finance and entertainment, and repeated many of the past anti-Semitic conspiracy theories that have made Farrakhan one of the nation’s foremost promoters of anti-Semitism to a legion of followers.

The following are selected examples of anti-Semitic statements made by Farrakhan during his four-and-½ hour speech during the 2012 Saviours’ Day conference at the United Center Arena in Chicago on February 26:

•Listen good now, no matter what president Obama has said or done to show Israel his commitment, somehow or another he is failing on some aspect of they desire him to do. He is invaded into every country the neocons have told him to do. He went and got the stimulus plan to bail out Wall Street. There is nothing that he has not done for Israel but they are still not happy.

•Some of these Zionists are trying to re-write the Koran. You didn’t hear me! And they got some Muslims going along with it!

•Did you know that the Koran says that Jews are the most violent of people? I didn’t write it, but I’m living to see it.

•The government of the United States has made an agreement with hell and a covenant with death. You have locked on to the Zionist control your government, your media, and you’re afraid to stand up because if you do they’ll tell you won’t be re-elected.

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