Then again, most New Yorkers are still traumatized by the time Catholic militants killed nearly 3,000 people when they flew airplanes into the World Trade Center – no, wait?

Via NY Daily News:

The Empire State Building refused to honor Timothy Cardinal Dolan — setting off a torrent of outrage against the iconic structure that has honored everything from athletes to the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

In 2009, the building even honored the 60th anniversary of China’s communist takeover of China. But this week, they showed no love for Dolan — a global ambassador for New York City.

Religious leaders, politicians and city-dwellers are seeing red.

“It’s an insult to Catholics and to the vast majority of New Yorkers who love Cardinal Dolan,” said Bill Donohue, head of the Catholic League.

Port Authority officials came to the rescue after Empire State Building owner Anthony Malkin squashed a request by Rep. Michael Grimm (R-S.I.) to pay tribute to Dolan in lights.

The rising 1 World Trade Center began glowing red late Friday after the Empire State Building’s Dolan dis. It will continue until next Friday.

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