As Nancy Pelosi would say, “God bless them.”

Via Denver News:

Although it is not a general assembly-sanctioned event, select members of Occupy Denver, the Internet collective Anonymous and “an array of other activists” are spreading word online of their first combined “Fuck the Police” march. Scheduled for this Saturday, the event has the potential to become a regular feature in the local movement, pending a successful turnout rate this weekend.

But its word choice — and the occasionally rocky relationship between Denver’s police and protesters — make it a tough issue for the larger body to sign off on.

In other occupations, similar anti-police events have become more commonplace. Occupy Oakland, for example, stages regular “Fuck the Police” marches.

This Saturday, the first Denver version will began at 7 p.m. at the D&F Tower at 16th and Arapahoe as part of a national push spread by Anonymous to build similar simultaneous events in several cities.

HT: Marathon Pundit who has more on this.