Errr, how else can we extract it from the Earth? — Osmosis? She also makes the absurd claim Republicans want America “dependent on foreign oil” when her leader prevents us from tapping our resources.  Defies logic.

(The Hill) — Democratic National Committee Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz said Thursday that GOP White House hopefuls will do nothing to help consumers at the gasoline pump.

The Florida congresswoman’s comments come hours before President Obama is slated to give an energy speech in Miami aimed partly at rebutting GOP political attacks over rising gas prices. She said the GOP plans would keep the United States dependent on foreign oil.

“The Republican field, like Mitt Romney, thinks that we just need to remain tethered and dependent on foreign oil because all they would do is more and more drilling, which is a very shortsighted approach and it would do nothing to prevent people who are struggling to put $80 into their gas tanks to be able to make sure that that’s more affordable,” Wasserman Schultz said on MSNBC.

“And that is another example of how they are economically out of touch,” she said.

Wasserman Schultz, on MSNBC Thursday, defended Obama’s energy policy.

“President Obama has employed an all-of-the-above strategy. We have more domestic energy production in the United States today than we have ever had. We have investments in alternative energy, we are making sure that when it comes to solar and wind and other kinds of renewable fuels that Barack Obama is talking about, making sure we make those kinds of investments,” she said.