Via LifeNews:

Imagine that after a boring day at school, 14-year-old Jessica wraps up her homework and opens up her laptop. She watches a YouTube video or two, then signs into her Facebook and Twitter accounts to check in with her friends.

On Twitter, she is greeted with messages from a stranger asking what she learned at school today and who she has a crush on. Unaware of the stranger’s possible intentions, she tweets back.

Has Jessica just encountered one of the online predators that Internet safety PSAs are constantly warning about? Maybe. Or perhaps she has just stumbled upon a new Planned Parenthood Twitter account.

Whether they are texting high school students, lecturing in public schools, or coaxing students to their cringeworthy “Teen Information” website, Planned Parenthood relentlessly tries to appeal to the nation’s youth. Their most recent attempt is the newly-launched “HeyPP!” Twitter account. The page is meant to reach teenagers with sexual health information, but aside from a few high school feminists, I doubt it will have much impact.

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