And it’s “frankly insane” to believe aborting a fetus isn’t murder.

MADDOW: What about this issue seems to be a winning argument to Republicans? Why, why do they like it if the polls aren’t with them?

ROBINSON: Well, the polls are not with them, the voters are not with them, so, so clearly it’s not a winning issue. I mean, they can’t believe this is, this is a good idea politically. So, I mean, the only thing I can figure out, Rachel, is that’s based on a wrong and frankly insane belief that a fertilized egg is a fully formed person and has personhood and that, you know, preventing the implantation of that egg is some-, is murder. I don’t, you know, it baffles me as to what other explanation there could be. They can be sincerely mad on this, on this subject, I think, and maybe they are.

Via Newsbusters