He has the mark of something, but it’s not a leader.

Via WSJ interview exceprts:

On her husband’s optimism:

“When times get tough, we all get worried. . . . As a people, we just get so worried. We are Eeyore. ‘We’ll never make it! We’ll never get out of here! It is horrible! We’re losing, it’s over!’. . . And Barack, unfortunately, is like, ‘All right, peeps; let’s — wait, look over there.’. . . As I describe my husband, he is a natural optimist. And I think that most leaders are natural optimists. You have to be to have a vision. You have to just sort of naturally always see the glass half full. And he does. . . . I think the vast majority of people — and this is my theory — are natural pessimists. And I’m like the common citizen, right? I’m like regular people. It’s like — ‘We’re losing! The sky is falling! Oh no!’ And then you start messing with the optimists. I start getting it — and he’s like, ‘Just calm down.’. . . And that’s the mark of a leader. You have to see the vision way at the end of the road. Because if you take it day to day, you can lose track, get off course. And you’re on the right course to begin with, it’s just not always smooth.

“And in a very abbreviated way, that’s what I’m telling our supporters. It’s like, it’s natural for us to get worried . . . but the truth is, you’ve got a president who sees far beyond what most of us see. And we’ve got to have faith in that.”