Number of cops smashed in the face with a brick by Tea Partiers still zero.

Via WaPo:

U.S. Park Police swept through the Occupy D.C. camp at Freedom Plaza on Sunday and made one arrest in a scene that was far less contentious than the raid the day before on McPherson Square.

Police were looking for the same types of violations they discovered in the pre-dawn hours Saturday: Evidence of overnight camping and potential biohazards. But Park Police said there has been greater self-policing and fewer potential health-code violations at Freedom Plaza than at McPherson Square, where 11 people were arrested. Rats and feces were found in the square. […]

Although some protesters occasionally voiced their disapproval of the sweep, the dissent paled in comparison with Saturday’s scene at McPherson Square, where protesters pushed against riot shields as police tried to erect additional barricades. One protester threw a brick that hit a police officer, causing “serious facial injuries,” Schlosser said.