The dead babies being tossed in the trash would beg to differ.

(The Hill) — House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi said the Susan G. Komen foundation’s retreat from its decision to eliminate funding for Planned Parenthood is a victory for women’s health.

The California Democrat predicted the foundation would continue to get support from her party but suggested the public — and women in particular — might not be so quick to forgive and forget.

“We certainly will be able to support them as we have in the past,” Pelosi told reporters in the Capitol. But the extent of the public backlash, she added, is “a question of what other people in the country think about it.”

“It was an unfortunate situation but it was dealt with in a short period of time, [and] I commend the Susan G. Komen foundation for seeing the light on this,” Pelosi added. “[It] just goes to show you, when women speak out, women win. Women’s health has a big victory this morning.”

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