Via Beltway Confidential:

While an admirable election-year plan to hire unemployed vets, President Obama’s new $6 billion idea could end up costing $50,000 or far more per job while helping less than 3 percent of the nation’s out-of-work veterans.

At the heart of the new Veteran’s Jobs Corps being unveiled today, the president wants to spend $1 billion putting 20,000 vets to work in a conservation plan being overseen by the Department of Interior. The conservation corps would work to restore habitat and do other activities at a price of about $50,000 per job.

But the president is also looking to spend an additional $5 billion to fund the hiring of veterans as firefighters and community cops, as well as on veteran job training and small business initiatives. Obama will unveil the program at a Northern Virginia firehouse today.

The price tag is huge and officials say required to encourage employers to hire vets. But some in the GOP are quietly questioning the costs, most of which will be in the president’s fiscal 2013 budget. None have gone public yet with their gripes.

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