But forcing an employer to pay for it is something completely different.

(Washington Examiner) — White House Press Secretary Jay Carney clarified President Obama’s position on the contraception mandate for employer provided insurance.

“We need to make sure that those employees of all different faiths have access to contraception,” Carney said, insisting that President Obama “struck the right balance” in his decision.

“We obviously believe this is constitutional,” said Carney, adding that President Obama’s decision was to ensure that, “women who want access to contraceptives are able to get them without paying co-pay every time they go to a pharmacy.”

Carney added that President Obama was not going to consider rescinding the mandate in spite of an uproar from leaders in the Catholic Church and other religious organizations.

“This is not a decision of politics,” Carney stated. “This provides an important preventive service for people around the country and is not in any way a violation of the conscience clause.”