But don’t worry, Messina says Obama has a remedy for these evil no good Republicans, he will rule via executive orders unless Congress sends him what he demands.

Drew —

Last night, the President went to Congress and defined in clear terms what we’re going to be fighting for in the months ahead.

That means that right now, it’s on us to get his back and work like hell to build this campaign. If we want to see this President re-elected, it’s time:

Add your name and say you’re standing with the President — and our shared vision for this country.

We don’t know which Republican is going to be our opponent yet, but here’s what we do know: Whoever wins the Republican nomination will have done so by adopting the extreme Tea Party agenda.

The President will be busy doing everything he can to demand action from a Congress that cares more about making a political point than governing. And when they refuse to act, he will. Election year or not, that is his job, and he is going to be getting things done these next couple months.

The campaigning is left up to us.

And if we don’t do what we need to, last night will have been Barack Obama’s last State of the Union.

Do something now:




Jim Messina
Campaign Manager
Obama for America