The House GOP did get some results, after testifying in front of Congress the Park Service announced they will begin enforcing the camping ban.

( — Rep. Joe Walsh (R-Ill.) asked National Park Service Director Jonathan Jarvis on Tuesday why the Park Service’s own statute forbidding camping had not been enforced as it applied to Occupy D.C. protesters at MacPherson Square.

“There’s a statute I believe that says camping is illegal. Camping in MacPherson Park is against the law. Is that correct?” Walsh asked Jarvis during a subcommittee hearing of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee that focused on why the Park Service had not removed the Occupy protesters.

“That is correct,” Jarvis said. […]

Walsh asked why those individuals had not been removed and why Jarvis’ own statute had not been enforced.

“Because . . . each of our First Amendment demonstrations are a little bit unique, and this one is, let’s say unprecedented, in part, in that it has been stated that the core of their First Amendment activity is that they occupy the site,” Jarvis answered.

“And so as we have approached this, how we are trying to manage this activity and provide our first goal in the National Park Service in allowing and providing for First Amendment activities is the health and safety of the community and the demonstrators themselves, and we felt that going in right away and enforcing the regulations . . . against camping, could potentially incite a reaction on their part that would result in possible injury or property damage,” Jarvis added.

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