Someone needs to drug test Steny.

( — House Minority Whip Steny Hoyer (D-Md.) said today that no president in the last 30 years has “reached out as seriously and sincerely” to “work together in a bipartisan fashion” than President Barack Obama.

Hoyer made his remarks in a pen-and-pad briefing with reporters on Capitol Hill, during which he also spoke about the tone of tonight’s State of the Union Address, and whether it would be a political speech.

“He is the president, we are a democracy, president’s have to be re-elected,” Rep. Hoyer said. “Members of Congress have to be re-elected. There is nobody in the Congress or in the White House who will not talk unrelated to their political recognition, if they have to seek approval of the electorate in a few short months. That’s what makes our system so great.”