15% vs. 13%

Via The Hill:

The Democratic National Committee blasted Mitt Romney for “not paying his fair share” after tax returns released Tuesday showed that he owed less than 15 percent of his income in federal taxes.

“Mitt Romney used every loophole in the book available to the wealthiest and large corporations to avoid paying his fair share,” Patrick Gaspard, the DNC Executive Director, said on a call with reporters Tuesday.

Via Yahoo News:

Mitt Romney acknowledged yesterday that his tax rate is probably about 15 percent–lower than what many high-income families pay. Romney, whose net worth is estimated to be between $200 and $250 million, pays a lower tax rate because most of his income comes from investments instead of a salary.

How does Romney’s effective tax rate compare to the recent presidential nominees from the major parties?

In 2004, John Kerry and his wife released portions of their separate tax returns that showed the couple paid an effective federal tax rate of about 13 percent on $5.5 million in income from the year before. (At first, Kerry only released his own tax return. He later released the first two pages of the tax return of his millionaire wife, Teresa Heinz.) Some conservatives, like Stephen Moore of the Club for Growth, used Kerry’s effective tax rate to criticize him for his opposition to a flat tax that would raise his taxes.