And Obama’s wonders why people say his administration is hostile to Israel.

(JPost) — Egypt’s first free parliament in six decades got to work on Monday, with Islamists holding by far the most seats and opponents comparing their grip on the chamber to that enjoyed by the now-defunct party of deposed president Hosni Mubarak.

With almost half the seats in the assembly, the Muslim Brotherhood is promising to cooperate with the generals who took power last February when Mubarak was overthrown, in their transition to civilian rule. […]

“I’d be very surprised if there’s anything like a formal deal, but I’d also be very surprised if the two parties don’t talk to one another,” Alterman said. “It’s in both of their interests to neither surprise nor corner the other, because each has tools that it can call on that would greatly harm the interests of the other.” On Sunday, the US Embassy in Cairo tweeted that the American ambassador and other US officials had met with the Nour party, an adherent to the hardline Salafi Islamist movement and the second-biggest winner in parliamentary elections.