But don’t worry, they were mostly “peaceful” according to the media.

SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) — San Francisco police believe they have removed all of the Occupy protestors from inside the abandoned Cathedral Hill hotel after most left peacefully and three were arrested for trespassing.

At the same time two San Francisco police officers are receiving treatment for injuries they suffered while monitoring the Occupy San Francisco Day of Action protests on Van Ness Avenue Friday evening.  One officer reportedly suffered injuries to the chest while a lieutenant broke a hand when debris hit him.

KRON 4’s Dan Kerman reports several dozen protestors appeared to break off from the main group of people marching from Justin Herman Plaza to City Hall to confront police on Van Ness.  Witnesses say some members of the group started throwing bottles, rocks, and bricks at police hitting the two officers.

A line of riot officers prevented the activists from getting inside the vacant Cathedral Hill hotel at Van Ness and Geary.  Dan reports that’s when some of the protestors moved a couple of blocks south to the British Motors dealership at Van Ness and O’Farrell breaking windows and entering the building.

Witnesses say some of the people inside the vacant hotel started throwing Bibles and other debris at pedestrians and police below.  One KRON 4 employee narrowly escaped injury when one of the books landed just feet from him.

Other demonstrators then took up position in the intersection of Franklin and Geary blocking traffic in the area.  Police say they’re willing to wait out the demonstrators inside the hotel in order to avoid more confrontations.

“It’s been extremely peaceful all day,” a protester known as Stardust said.