Total haul for the night, four fundraisers, another $3.1 million for the war-chest.

Pool report courtesy of Keith Koffler:

At about 8 pm the pool was ushered through the foyer and a corridor of Spike Lee’s Upper East Side home and into a small dining room with 5 tables of 10 seats each as the director’s wife, writer Tonya Lewis Lee, was introducing POTUS. [Politico reports 45 of the 50 seats were donors, $35,800 a head — ed.]

She noted that Spike’s hosting the fundraiser might seem odd to some since he has been critical of POTUS on occasion. But, she added, “I’m sure he doesn’t like all of Spike’s movies.” (Laughter, including from SL; fyi, as POTUS would recall, Lee also hosted an event at his Martha’s Vineyard home during a presidential vacation there.)

She called for “another four years” and to warm applause POTUS took the mic.

He said Spike Lee has long been special to him because, as he previously recalled at the MV event, “on my first official date with Michelle” he took her to see “Do The Right Thing” — “I was showing my sophistication” by taking her to a movie by a hot new director.

“Good thing you didn’t choose ‘Driving Miss Daisy,’” Spike Lee interjected, cracking himself up.

POTUS hit the same points as at the prior two fundraisers — “We’re obviously at a historic moment . . . but this is also a moment of great promise…”

Among the donors are singer Mariah Carey and husband Nick Cannon and retired NY Knicks guard Allan Houston.