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And yet the real reason was Obama giving the eco-extremist left its pound of flesh.

Via RCP:

CARNEY: Even prior to the signing of that legislation (extending payroll tax cut), the State Department, which again reviews this process, made clear that setting an arbitrary deadline through this purely political effort would put the State Department in a corner.

[It] would severely hamper their ability to review an alternate route and a new pipeline route in the proper way, a way that has long been established by precedent and that would take into consideration all the criteria that are so important in decisions like this. Economic impact, national security impact, environmental impact, the effect on the water that our children breathe — rather, the water our children drink and the air that they breathe.

They made clear that the State Department in a statement prior to the signing of this legislation that imposing an arbitrary 60-day deadline on this process would make it virtually impossible for an adequate review to take place of a route, an alternate route, that to this day does not exist. So I’m simply reviewing the facts as we know them.