Yes, he’s dead serious.

Via Politico:

Newt Gingrich has earned the disdain of the Rev. Jesse Jackson for calling President Barack Obama a “food stamp president” and for recently suggesting that schools hire students as janitors.

Jackson, who said Monday that he hoped the Republican presidential candidates would discuss issues of race and poverty during the debate held on Martin Luther King Jr. Day, blasted the former House speaker on Tuesday for his “disdain for the poor” and for showing a “total lack of understanding” about the country’s youth who are desperately looking for jobs. […]

The civil rights leader also warned Gingrich that it was a mistake to speak about janitorial work in a casual manner.

“Janitorial work is very serious work and risky work. Mopping the floors, using the washing machines and working close to boilers and whatnot is very challenging work,” he said.