So she’s not part of the 99 percent?

Via CBS News:

MICHELLE OBAMA: I am so happy in this job. And I get a lot of good energy from the people that I meet. And that’s how I measure what’s happening. . . . And I learned to do that on the campaign trail. I joked all the time that there would be two Iowas, right? There would be the Iowa experience that I would listen to on the news, which always had Barack losing, right? It was miserable. And nothing was gonna work. And then I’d go to Iowa and I felt a whole different experience, you know? People were open. They were, they were listening. They hadn’t made decisions yet. They were curious. They were receptive. And I sort of thought, “Well, I’m living in this world. The real world.” And measuring my responses to people by the responses they give to me. . . . I do — I’ve said this before about myself. I’m a 112 percenter. And I don’t feel satisfied unless I’m putting in 112 percent into anything that I’m doing.

GAYLE KING: Anything that you do?

MICHELLE OBAMA: Right. Andwhether it’s raising my kids. Whether it’s working on the issues that I care about. Whether it’s working at a hospital. I mean, I think that’s what I bring to everything that I do. And I just think that’s my nature. If you talk to my mother, she would tell you I was like that since I was ten years old. I just feel a deep sense of obligation that if you’re blessed — if you have gifts, if you have opportunities, that it’s incumbent upon you to use those. And I try to pass those values on to our girls. We talk about this — we’re in those conversations right now about doing your best and putting your best foot forward. Andliving up to a high bar that you set for yourself, because it’s easy to coast. And I feel as First Lady, I, you know, I want to look back and say, “I did something substantive with this opportunity.”