No shit, Sherlock.

Via WaPo:

. . . Before heading to Chicago, the president had gathered business leaders to talk about how to create jobs at home. Although officials said the event was not political, it implicitly contrasted the president’s jobs push with Romney’s record at Bain Capital. Romney has been attacked by rivals for Bain’s tactics of restructuring companies and sending jobs abroad.

In Chicago, Obama cited his meeting with the CEOs and told the crowd that Republicans favor policies promoting “on-your-own economics.”

Of his own record, Obama said: “I’m not a perfect man. I’m not a perfect president, but I’ve kept this promise: I’ll always tell you what I believe in. I’ll always tell you where I stand. So if you’ve still got that energy, if you’re still fired up . . . if you want to keep reaching for that vision you hold in your hearts, I promise you, change will come.”