A story that originated here, thanks to a reader (who wishes to remain anonymous) that sent us the lyrics. I wonder what the school board chairman who defended the lyrics and swore the children wrote them has to say about this?

Via Newsbusters:

After a host of conservative media outlets, including the Culture and Media Institute, exposed Kid Pan Alley for “helping” Virginia third-graders write a song praising the Occupy Movement, their director came out and apologized for its attempts at political indoctrination.

Kid Pan Alley’s founder, Paul Reisler, has issued an apology and taken full responsibility for the lyrics of the song “Part of the 99.” In his apology, Reisler acknowledged that “the message has been overshadowed by the use of phrases that are currently politically charged, such as ‘I’m part of the 99’ and ‘They’re the one percent,'” and that “he should have avoided the introduction of these phrases into the songwriting process.”

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