Shockingly not shocking.

Via Daily Caller:

At a Monday event in Iowa, Texas Rep. Ron Paul and his son, Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul, were greeted at the Steeplegate Inn in Davenport with a trademark “Occupy” mic check.

“Mic Check” said one attendee loudly, as the GOP presidential candidate made his way to the podium. In the movement’s call-and-response pattern, others shouted back, “Mic check.”

But rather than belittle the to-be speakers with lethargic policy jibes, as has been done to other GOP presidential candidates, the attendees belted out compliments.

“Thank you, Dr. Paul, thank you for opposing the indefinite detention of Americans!” they shouted.

“Thank you for opposing the Wall Street bailouts!” they added.

And before respectfully quieting down for the speakers, the chant leader shouted, “Thank you for opposing unnecessary wars!”

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