I’d like to thank the DNC, DCCC and Obama campaign for these crazy emails, they’re a treasure trove of new material.

From: Donna Brazile
Subject: What did you do?
Date: December 29, 2011 11:52:42 AM EST
To: Drew
Reply-To: Nancy Pelosi

Drew —

I’d like to know what middle class Americans did to the Republican Party.

For that matter, what did seniors, women, students, folks that breathe air and drink water, and anyone who puts in an honest day’s work do to make Tea Party Republicans so angry and determined to attack us?

Whatever the answer is, I can tell you this: it has to stop.

The fact that Democrats had to drag Tea Party Republicans kicking and screaming to prevent a major tax increase on the middle class is just one more example of their indifference to working people.

Please be as generous as you can afford. Send a message to the Tea Party by sending in your contribution today.

Thank you.

Donna Brazile